2022 Screening Photos and Awards

Sorry still no screening photos this year because we held another online event.
Next year should finally be back to normal.

Award Winners

"Handle With Care" won 1st Place Micro Short!
"Spacation" won 2nd Place Micro Short!
"Stairs" won 3rd Place Micro Short!

"PSYCHOZ" and "Shut" tied for 1st Place Short!
"Gateway" won 2nd Place Short!
"A Lust for Time" won 3rd Place Short!

"INCUBUS" won 1st Place Horror Short!
"Nevermore" won 2nd Place Horror Short!
"Don't Vanish" won 3rd Place Horror Short!

"CONSUME" and "The Marinn Company" tied for 1st Place Sci-Fi Short!
"Hibernation" won 2nd Place Sci-Fi Short!
"Chatsworth" won 3rd Place Sci-Fi Short!

"Stuck" won 1st Place Suspense Short!
"Still Waters Run Deep" won 2nd Place Suspense Short!
"Wake Up Little Girl" won 3rd Place Suspense Short!

"JUNE" won 1st Place Experimental Film!

"The Contract Musical" won 1st Place Music Video!

Hideout won 1st Place Suspense Feature!

Rondo and Bob won 1st Place Documentary Feature!

"La Faldama" won 1st Place Short Script!
"Dollars of the Damned" won 2nd Place Short Script!
"At the End of the Canyon" won 3rd Place Short Script!

In Menstrual Frames won 1st Place Feature Script!
Send Help! won 2nd Place Feature Script!
Venefica won 3rd Place Feature Script!

"Trattoria" won 1st Place Best Director!
"Trashman" won 2nd Place Best Director!
"Horizon" won 3rd Place Best Director!

"Le Varou" won 1st Place Best Cinematographer!
"The Abyss of the Soul" won 2nd Place Best Cinematographer!
"The Forgetting Device" won 3rd Place Best Cinematographer!

"Checkpoint" won 1st Place Best Special Effects!
"Amber" won 2nd Place Best Special Effects!
"Artificial Existence" won 3rd Place Best Special Effects!

"EINSTEIN TELESCOPE" won 1st Place Best Acting!
"Poached Eggs" won 2nd Place Best Acting!
"Captain" won 3rd Place Best Acting!

Congratulations everyone! We had a wonderful screening and can't wait until next year!
Thanks to everybody who joined on Zoom!