2018 Screening Schedule

Saturday, October 6th, at the Holiday Inn Express in Apopka, Florida.

11:00am Beautified
11:10am Dark Wake
11:28am Twelve
11:31am No Going Back
11:34am Cat Box
11:44am Mask Killer
11:49am Rendez-vous
11:51am Safe
11:59am Knock Knock
12:06am Sanctuary
12:22am Studded Nightmare
12:32am Know Nothins
2:02pm Baghead
2:17pm Goldblooded
2:27pm Cool Killer
2:32pm Juice
2:43pm Puzzle
2:48pm The Morning After
2:55pm The Tattooist
2:57pm Penelope
2:59pm The Shroud
3:29pm Time Heals No Wounds
3:41pm Quiver
3:55pm Canopy
3:59pm Waiting Room
5:35pm Goodnight, Gracie
5:39pm Demons
5:44pm Blood Stains
5:58pm Cabby
6:13pm Induction to Purgatory
6:23pm The Tolls
6:43pm Light as a Feather
6:51pm Hitched
6:59pm Terrordactyl
7:11pm The Sounds They Make
7:15pm I Came From the Future
7:19pm JPG
7:21pm The Hobbyist
7:30pm Lost in Apocalypse
9:00pm Festival Ends

Screening times are approximate. They may fluctuate slightly by a few minutes here or there depending on short Q&A's with attending filmmakers or brief discussions about the films.

My Brother, the Taxidermist
Zombie Corp
The Hotel
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Dias de los Muertos (Days of the Dead)
Kid Arachnid
Bad Hair
The Hermit & the Automatons
At the Mercy of Faith
Ophidia (The Snake)
White Trash Heroes Pilot
Violette Hayes: A True Story
Evening of the Evil Eye
One Killer Night
Rogue's Coward
Vampire Planet
Spy High
The Chain
Airborne - The Trials of Nine
The Mourners
The Color of Evil
The Chain: The Pilot
A Brief Word on Hypersleep Studies: Chiliagon
In the Quiet of the Evening
Dead Reckoning
Ruins: The Gatekeeper
Awaken the Reaper
Bad Neighbors
Pleasure Hotel
The Forever Fighter
The Farm
Worm Guy
Blood Knots
His Masterpiece
Three Men Dwell
People of Merrit
The Tristan Curse
Not Last Night But The Night Before
Among Us
Abandon All Hope
The Last Prison