2019 Screening Photos and Awards

Award Winners

"Horrorscope" won 1st Place Micro Short!
"After the Rain" won 2nd Place Micro Short!
"Adima" won 3rd Place Micro Short!

"The Demon of the Water" won 1st Place Short!
"The Limits" won 2nd Place Short!
"Mære" won 3rd Place Short!

"Black Shore" won 1st Place Sci-Fi Short!
"Hard Drive" won 2nd Place Sci-Fi Short!

"La Llorona" won 1st Place Horror Short!
"Bitch, Popcorn & Blood" won 2nd Place Horror Short!
"Spitting Image" won 3rd Place Horror Short!

"The Miracle" won 1st Place Suspense Short!
"Platonic" won 2nd Place Suspense Short!
"Twinky Doo's Magic World" won 3rd Place Suspense Short!

"Closed Circuit" won 1st Place Animation Short!

Volition won 1st Place Sci-Fi Feature!

Beyond the Woods won 1st Place Suspense Feature!

"Wet Rot" won 1st Place Short Script!
"Ivy" won 2nd Place Short Script!
"The Plague of Cyprian" won 3rd Place Short Script!

The First Law won 1st Place Feature Script!
Sunshine State: Duende won 2nd Place Feature Script!
The Venus Syndrome won 3rd Place Feature Script!

"The Limits" won 1st Place Best Director!
"The Demon of the Water" won 2nd Place Best Director!
"Bitch, Popcorn & Blood" won 3rd Place Best Director!

"Spitting Image" won 1st Place Best Cinematographer!
"Twinky Doo's Magic World" won 2nd Place Best Cinematographer!
"The Demon of the Water" won 3rd Place Best Cinematographer!

"Black Shore" won 1st Place Best Special Effects!
"Neptune" won 2nd Place Best Special Effects!
"Adima" won 3rd Place Best Special Effects!

"YOU or ME" won 1st Place Best Acting!
Volition won 2nd Place Best Acting!
Beyond the Woods won 3rd Place Best Acting!

Congratulations everyone! We had an amazing screening and can't wait until next year!