2017 Screening Photos and Awards

Award Winners

"Night Encounter" won 1st Place Micro Short!
"Save" won 2nd Place Micro Short!
"In Here" won 3rd Place Micro Short!

"María Fernanda in Time" won 1st Place Sci-Fi Short!
"Foreword" won 2nd Place Sci-Fi Short!
"Within the Fray" won 3rd Place Sci-Fi Short!

"Hope" won 1st Place Horror Short!
"Hada" won 2nd Place Horror Short!
"Feeding Time" won 3rd Place Horror Short!

"The Letters" won 1st Place Suspense Short!
"IMA" won 2nd Place Suspense Short!
"Goodman" won 3rd Place Suspense Short!

"Waking Dreams" won 1st Place Documentary Short!
"The Mothman Chronicles" won 2nd Place Documentary Short!

"A Scream That's Trapped Inside" won 1st Place Experimental Film!
"Mecha" won 2nd Place Experimental Film!

Paradoxical won 1st Place Sci-Fi Feature!

Long Live the King won 1st Place Documentary Feature!

"A Day in a Connected Life" won 1st Place Short Script!
"The Translator" won 2nd Place Short Script!
"Aunty" won 3rd Place Short Script!

Nanuq won 1st Place Feature Script!
Flipping the Score won 2nd Place Feature Script!
Emily's Stars won 3rd Place Feature Script!

"Hope" won 1st Place Best Director!
"Save" won 2nd Place Best Director!
"Feeding Time" won 3rd Place Best Director!

"Stealing" won 1st Place Best Cinematographer!
"A Scream That's Trapped Inside" won 2nd Place Best Cinematographer!
Paradoxical won 3rd Place Best Cinematographer!

"Fugazi" won 1st Place Best Special Effects!
"Hidden Devil" won 2nd Place Best Special Effects!
"Hada" won 3rd Place Best Special Effects!

"In/finite" won 1st Place Best Acting!
"Fugazi" won 2nd Place Best Acting!
"María Fernanda in Time" won 3rd Place Best Acting!

Congratulations everybody! We had a fantastic screening and look forward to next year!