2022 Screening Schedule

We planned to finally return to our physical screenings this year but out of an abundance of caution since several of our team members live with immunocompromised individuals, we're going to have an online screening again using Zoom starting at 11am US Eastern Time on Saturday, October 8th (it's just a one-time showing, we're paying for Pro, they have security encryption, viewers can chat via text while watching, etc.).

Zoom link for screening: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86102961131?pwd=MmNwUUZKa2Nldm1BSmV1SHhHQWJiZz09

11:00am Gateway (6 min)
11:06am Spacation (1 min)
11:07am Horizon (15 min)
11:22am CONSUME (14 min)
11:36am Still Waters Run Deep (13 min)
11:49am Wake Up Little Girl (9 min)
11:58am Stairs (5 min)
12:03pm Handle With Care (3 min)
12:06pm Amber (6 min)
12:12pm Shut (15 min)
12:27pm Checkpoint (10 min)
12:37pm Captain (8 min)
12:45pm Rondo and Bob (1 hr 40 min)
2:25pm Le Varou (29 min)
2:54pm Stuck (9 min)
3:03pm The Contract Musical (7 min)
3:10pm Artificial Existence (20 min)
3:30pm Trashman (5 min)
3:35pm Hibernation (20 min)
3:55pm Poached Eggs (17 min)
4:12pm The Marinn Company (14 min)
4:26pm Don't Vanish (11 min)
4:37pm Chatsworth (10 min)
4:47pm EINSTEIN TELESCOPE (25 min)
5:12pm Nevermore (7 min)
5:19pm PSYCHOZ (12 min)
5:31pm JUNE (15 min)
5:46pm Trattoria (12 min)
5:58pm A Lust for Time (25 min)
6:23pm The Forgetting Device (8 min)
6:31pm Hideout (1 hr 58 min)
8:29pm Festival Ends

Also selected but not shown online:
The Abyss of the Soul

Man Baby
La Faldama
Fenced Off
Send Help!
High Stakes
The Greenwood
Into the Valley
What's Behind Us
Bump in the Night
The Christmas Wish
In Menstrual Frames
Dollars of the Damned
Instruments of Darkness
At the End of the Canyon