2023 Screening Photos and Awards

Award Winners

"EMBRACE" won 1st Place Micro Short!
"STITCH IN MOUTH" won 2nd Place Micro Short!

"Sex Sells" won 1st Place Short!
"Lemniscate" won 2nd Place Short!
"Manipulations" won 3rd Place Short!

"Deep Fake Love" won 1st Place Sci-Fi Short!
"Odd/Even" won 2nd Place Sci-Fi Short!
"Hamelin" won 3rd Place Sci-Fi Short!

"Yuggoth" won 1st Place Horror Short!
"Hooves" won 2nd Place Horror Short!
"Amygdala" won 3rd Place Horror Short!

"Reprise" won 1st Place Suspense Short!

"Nothing" won 1st Place Music Video!

Ánima won 1st Place Feature!

"GOGORED" won 1st Place Short Script!
"Roach Onslaught" won 2nd Place Short Script!
"Blood Shell" won 3rd Place Short Script!

Harrowed won 1st Place Feature Script!
As Scared As You won 2nd Place Feature Script!
Where the Black Cat Sleeps won 3rd Place Feature Script!

"Odd/Even" won 1st Place Best Director!
"Incarnation" won 2nd Place Best Director!
"Reprise" won 3rd Place Best Director!

"Awake" won 1st Place Best Cinematographer!
"I Made War of the Worlds" won 2nd Place Best Cinematographer!
"Phase 9" won 3rd Place Best Cinematographer!

"Scomparire" won 1st Place Best Special Effects!
"No Such Thing" won 2nd Place Best Special Effects!
"REALITY HEIST" won 3rd Place Best Special Effects!

"Mind Over Fatter" won 1st Place Best Acting!
"Knock Knock" won 2nd Place Best Acting!
"Charter" won 3rd Place Best Acting!

Congratulations everyone! We had a fantastic screening and can't wait until next year!