2021 Screening Photos and Awards

Sorry no screening photos again this year since we had another online event due to the Delta variant.

Award Winners

"Prudence" won 1st Place Micro Short!
"Be Quiet" won 2nd Place Micro Short!
"Kiss the Cook" won 3rd Place Micro Short!

"Moon Drops" won 1st Place Short!
"The Keeper" won 2nd Place Short!
"What Happens in the Desert" won 3rd Place Short!

"Remembrance" won 1st Place Sci-Fi Short!
"Domino" won 2nd Place Sci-Fi Short!
"The Paintings Fabrics" won 3rd Place Sci-Fi Short!

"TIO" and "All the Flowers That Cut Through the Earth" tied for 1st Place Horror Short!
"Vodi" won 2nd Place Horror Short!
"Yahrzeit" won 3rd Place Horror Short!

"Behind" won 1st Place Suspense Short!
"Display" won 2nd Place Suspense Short!
"There's No Hell Like Home" won 3rd Place Suspense Short!

"Re-Animal" won 1st Place Animation Short!

"Haunted Thrills" won 1st Place Documentary Short!
"Cinema Red: Full Native Horror" won 2nd Place Documentary Short!

T h e M won 1st Place Sci-Fi Feature!

The History of Metal and Horror won 1st Place Documentary Feature!

"Room Mate" won 1st Place Short Script!
"Hungry Eyes" won 2nd Place Short Script!
"Forgive Me" won 3rd Place Short Script!

To Lie Beneath won 1st Place Feature Script!
The Sake House won 2nd Place Feature Script!
The Electric Man won 3rd Place Feature Script!

"All the Flowers That Cut Through the Earth" won 1st Place Best Director!
"The Last Page" won 2nd Place Best Director!
"Family" won 3rd Place Best Director!

"The Barber" won 1st Place Best Cinematographer!
"X-Mas on Fire" won 2nd Place Best Cinematographer!
"Be Quiet" won 3rd Place Best Cinematographer!

"Vodi" won 1st Place Best Special Effects!
"The Strong Box" won 2nd Place Best Special Effects!
"Sawa" won 3rd Place Best Special Effects!

"It's Me, Sarah" won 1st Place Best Acting!
"New Medication" won 2nd Place Best Acting!
"Blue Rose" won 3rd Place Best Acting!

Congratulations everyone! Regardless of the awful pandemic, we had a great screening and can't wait until next year!
Hopefully in 2022, we can finally have an in-person physical event again.
Thanks to everybody who joined on Zoom!