2023 Screening Schedule

Saturday, October 7th, at the Holiday Inn Express in Apopka, Florida.

1:00pm Opening with 2 Gift Card Giveaways
1:10pm EMBRACE (2 min)
1:12pm Awake (12 min)
1:24pm Amygdala (16 min)
1:40pm Charter (18 min)
1:58pm Hooves (7 min)
2:05pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break
2:10pm Deep Fake Love (15 min)
2:25pm Yuggoth (15 min)
2:40pm Hamelin (10 min)
2:50pm I Made War of the Worlds (15 min)
3:05pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break
3:10pm Manipulations (14 min)
3:24pm Knock Knock (13 min)
3:37pm Mind Over Fatter (15 min)
3:52pm No Such Thing (10 min)
4:02pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break
4:07pm Nothing (4 min)
4:11pm Odd/Even (16 min)
4:27pm Reprise (23 min)
4:50pm Lemniscate (20 min)
5:10pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break
5:15pm Scomparire (15 min)
5:30pm Sex Sells (33 min)
6:03pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break
6:08pm REALITY HEIST (7 min)
6:15pm Phase 9 (25 min)
6:40pm STITCH IN MOUTH (1 min)
6:41pm Incarnation (14 min)
6:55pm Gift Card Giveaway + Chat Break
7:00pm Ánima (1 hr 28 min)
8:28pm Last Gift Card Giveaway
8:32pm Festival Ends

Screening times are approximate. They may fluctuate slightly by a few minutes here or there depending on
short Q&A's with attending filmmakers or brief discussions about the films.

Where the Black Cat Sleeps
Zombies in Christmastown
As Scared As You
Dead Soul
Bah Humbug
Roach Onslaught
The Black Paintings
Black Sunshine
The Avon Lady
Blood Shell